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Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties, Vol. 3 - 1962
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Complete Pop Instrumental Hits
of the Sixties, Vol. 3 – 1962
    Complete 60s Records

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Complete 60s CD #11962     $29.98      Add to cart

If you’re a fan of instrumental hits, Complete 60s Records’ first two releases left you speechless! That’s because this exciting new label’s historic series Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties doesn’t just compile the biggest hits or rarest rarities. It brings together every single Billboard Top 100 instrumental hit. If it made the charts, we got it – rock, soul, jazz, country, orchestral, you name it!

Now, in the wake of the first two volumes – 1960 and 1961 – comes Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties Vol. 3 - 1962 which chronicles perhaps the biggest year ever for instrumentals. In fact, more than 13% of all Top 100 records in 1962 were instrumentals, and many were big hits. It was a magic, innocent time. America was young, bursting with promise, and literally twisting with energy on the cusp of its most creative, tumultuous decade – and it showed in the crazy quilt of wordless wonders that climbed the charts.

Across 227 minutes of music – three CDs, 92 tracks, 55 in stereo, including 14 CD debuts and dozens of rare tracks – you’ll hear everything from the syncopated jazz of the late, great Dave Brubeck to the pounding rock of Sandy Nelson to the ultra-smooth sax of Billy Vaughn. In the realm of today’s homogenized, synthesized pop, this kind of musical diversity is unthinkable – and enormously thrilling!

We can’t begin to list the highlights (so, see the track list below), but a few of these cuts are among the most sought-after collectibles of the rock era. Ever heard “Telstar” by the Tornadoes in stereo? Nope – because it’s making its worldwide stereo debut right here. Original producer (and genuine eccentric) Joe Meek would be proud! And it doesn’t stop there: renowned platters “Rinky Dink” by Dave “Baby” Cortez, “Green Onions” by Booker T. & the MG’s, and “Nut Rocker” by B. Bumble & The Stingers all make their worldwide stereo debuts on Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties Vol. 3.

Of course, big hits abound – from the bump-and-grind of David Rose’s salacious “The Stripper” (#1) to the spicy bravura of the Tijuana Brass’s “The Lonely Bull” (#6) to the wistful fantasy of Mr. Acker Bilk’s “Stranger On The Shore” (#1) to the resurgent ragtime of Kenny Ball’s “Midnight In Moscow” (#2). But you’ll also hear fascinating hits from the lower rungs of the charts like Ernie Freeman’s cover of the ubiquitous “The Twist” (#93), Henry Mancini’s exotic “Theme From Hatari!” (#95), and Jerry Reed’s “Hully Gully Guitar” (#99) – his very first hit.

Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties is an unprecedented undertaking to compile every single Billboard Hot 100 instrumental hit of the 1960s, the decade when the pop instrumental genre truly reached its zenith. And, when this project is complete you’ll own them all in the order they peaked on the charts!

The research team at Complete 60s combed the vaults for the best possible sources for these wordless wonders, making sure to locate the original hit versions, in true stereo whenever possible. Then, no less than three sound engineers carefully remastered the original recordings until the twangy guitars, pounding drums, and soaring strings practically leap out of your speakers. You’ll be speechless! Thank goodness, however, writer Greg Adams wasn’t at a loss for words. His detailed, 28-page liner notes include biographies of all 56 artists, plus release notes and chart information for every track.

The same creative folks who lovingly compile those great Eric CDs in the States are working on this project, so you know there’s the same commitment to high quality sound and attention to detail missing from so many oldies collections. Why settle for less? Why take a chance with risky, off-brand, mediocre MP3 downloads of dubious origin? Simply put, if you love instrumentals (of any kind), Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties is the final word!


Listen Track Title Artist Chart Date Stereo
play 1. Stereo CD DebutTHE TWIST Ernie Freeman #93 1/6/62 Stereo
play 2. UNSQUARE DANCE The Dave Brubeck Quartet #74 1/6/62 Stereo
play 3. DROWN IN MY OWN TEARS Don Shirley #100 1/6/62 Stereo
play 4. LET’S GO TRIPPIN’ Dick Dale & The Del-Tones #60 1/20/62 Mono
play 5. U.S. CD DebutTHE BASIE TWIST Count Basie & His Orchestra #94 1/20/62 Mono
play 6. MARIA Roger Williams #48 1/27/62 Stereo
play 7. U.S. CD DebutFLYING CIRCLE Frank Slay & His Orchestra #45 1/27/62 Mono
play 8. CD DebutTWIST-HER Bill Black’s Combo #26 1/27/62 Mono
play 9. TEQUILA TWIST The Champs #99 2/3/62 Stereo
play 10. U.S. CD DebutHAPPY JOSE (Ching-Ching) Jack Ross #57 2/10/62 Mono
play 11. CD DebutLET’S GO Floyd Cramer #90 2/10/62 Stereo
play 12. SURFER’S STOMP The Mar-Kets #31 2/24/62 Stereo
play 13. U.S. CD DebutSHIMMY, SHIMMY WALK (Part 1) The Megatons #88 2/24/62 Mono
play 14. U.S. CD DebutMIDNIGHT Johnny Gibson #76 2/24/62 Mono
play 15. THE BIRTH OF THE BEAT Sandy Nelson #75 2/24/62 Mono
play 16. CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO Floyd Cramer #36 3/3/62 Stereo
play 17. TUFF Ace Cannon #17 3/10/62 Mono
play 18. AFRIKAAN BEAT Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra #42 3/10/62 Stereo
play 19. PERCOLATOR (Twist) Billy Joe & The Checkmates #10 3/17/62 Stereo
play 20. MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen #2 3/17/62 Stereo
play 21. DRUMS ARE MY BEAT Sandy Nelson #29 3/17/62 Mono
play 22. CD DebutGUITAR BOOGIE SHUFFLE TWIST The Virtues #96 3/24/62 Mono
play 23. AMOR Roger Williams #88 3/24/62 Stereo
play 24. MIDNIGHT SPECIAL (Part 1) Jimmy Smith #69 3/31/62 Stereo
play 25. POP-EYE STROLL The Mar-Keys #94 3/31/62 Mono
play 26. PLAY THE THING The Marlowe Morris Quintet #95 3/31/62 Stereo
play 27. THE WHITE ROSE OF ATHENS David Carroll & His Orchestra #61 4/7/62 Stereo
play 28. NUT ROCKER B. Bumble & The Stingers #23 4/7/62 Mono
play 29. Single version CD DebutMEMORIES OF MARIA Jerry Byrd #74 4/7/62 Mono
play 30. SMILE Ferrante & Teicher #94 4/7/62 Stereo
Listen Track Title Artist Chart Date Stereo
play 1. U.S. CD DebutCOOKIN’ The Al Casey Combo #92 4/7/62 Mono
play 2. CHAPEL BY THE SEA Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra #69 4/14/62 Stereo
play 3. U.S. CD DebutMARCH OF THE SIAMESE CHILDREN Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen #88 4/14/62 Stereo
play 4. CD DebutSUGAR BLUES Ace Cannon #92 4/14/62 Mono
play 5. THE JAM (Part 1) Bobby Gregg & His Friends #29 4/21/62 Mono
play 6. LOVESICK BLUES Floyd Cramer #87 4/21/62 Stereo
play 7. SOUL TWIST King Curtis & The Noble Knights #17 4/28/62 Stereo
play 8. CD DebutPATRICIA–TWIST Perez Prado & His Orchestra #65 4/28/62 Stereo
play 9. CD DebutRUNAWAY (album version) Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra #56 5/5/62 Stereo
play 10. CD DebutTWISTIN’–WHITE SILVER SANDS Bill Black’s Combo #92 5/5/62 Mono
play 11. CD DebutBLUES (Stay Away from Me) Ace Cannon #36 5/19/62 Mono
play 12. DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS Duane Eddy #78 5/19/62 Stereo
play 13. DRUMMIN’ UP A STORM Sandy Nelson #67 5/19/62 Stereo
play 14. STRANGER ON THE SHORE Mr. Acker Bilk #1 5/26/62 Stereo
play 15. DRUM STOMP Sandy Nelson #86 5/26/62 Mono
play 16. BALBOA BLUE The Marketts #48 6/16/62 Stereo
play 17. WALK ON THE WILD SIDE (Part 1) Jimmy Smith & The Big Band #21 6/23/62 Stereo
play 18. THAT HAPPY FEELING Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra #67 6/23/62 Stereo
play 19. THEME FROM BEN CASEY Valjean #28 6/23/62 Stereo
play 20. SWINGIN’ GENTLY Earl Grant #44 6/23/62 Stereo
play 21. LISA Ferrante & Teicher #98 6/23/62 Stereo
play 22. U.S. CD DebutBABY ELEPHANT WALK The Miniature Men #87 6/30/62 Mono
play 23. THE STRIPPER David Rose & His Orchestra #1 7/7/62 Stereo
play 24. U.S. CD DebutTHE GREEN LEAVES OF SUMMER Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen #87 7/7/62 Stereo
play 25. LIMBO ROCK The Champs #40 7/14/62 Stereo
play 26. CD DebutPOTATO PEELER Bobby Gregg & His Friends #89 7/21/62 Mono
play 27. HOT PEPPER Floyd Cramer #63 7/28/62 Mono
play 28. ALL NIGHT LONG Sandy Nelson #75 7/28/62 Stereo
play 29. THEME FROM “HATARI!” Henry Mancini & His Orchestra #95 8/4/62 Stereo
play 30. ROUTE 66 THEME Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra #30 8/11/62 Stereo
play 31. WORRIED MIND Ray Anthony #74 8/11/62 Stereo
play 32. SWEET GEORGIA BROWN The Carroll Brothers #100 8/18/62 Mono
Listen Track Title Artist Chart Date Stereo
play 1. ABOVE THE STARS Mr. Acker Bilk #59 8/18/62 Stereo
play 2. THE BALLAD OF PALADIN Duane Eddy #33 8/25/62 Stereo
play 3. BEACH PARTY King Curtis & The Noble Knights #60 8/25/62 Mono
play 4. CD DebutTILL THERE WAS YOU Valjean #100 8/25/62 Mono
play 5. A TASTE OF HONEY Martin Denny & His Orchestra #50 9/1/62 Stereo
play 6. JIVIN’ AROUND The Al Casey Combo #71 9/1/62 Mono
play 7. U.S. CD DebutA TASTE OF HONEY The Victor Feldman Quartet #88 9/1/62 Mono
play 8. A SWINGIN’ SAFARI Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra #13 9/8/62 Stereo
play 9. BABY ELEPHANT WALK Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra #48 9/15/62 Stereo
play 10. DES Stereo DebutRINKY DINK Dave “Baby” Cortez #10 9/15/62 DES Stereo
play 11. LOLITA YA-YA The Ventures #61 9/15/62 Stereo
play 12. CD DebutSO WHAT Bill Black’s Combo #78 9/15/62 Mono
play 13. Single version CD DebutALLEY CAT Bent Fabric & His Piano #7 9/29/62 Mono
play 14. DCS Stereo DebutGREEN ONIONS Booker T. & The MG’s #3 9/29/62 DCS Stereo
play 15. Single version CD DebutOL’ MAN RIVER Jimmy Smith #82 9/29/62 Stereo
play 16. ...AND THEN THERE WERE DRUMS Sandy Nelson #65 10/6/62 Stereo
play 17. CD DebutHULLY GULLY GUITAR Jerry Reed & The Hully Girlies #99 10/13/62 Mono
play 18. SWEET SIXTEEN BARS Earl Grant #55 10/20/62 Mono
play 19. CD DebutHAPPY WEEKEND Dave “Baby” Cortez #67 11/3/62 Mono
play 20. DESAFINADO Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd #15 11/24/62 Stereo
play 21. I’VE GOT A WOMAN (Part 1) Jimmy McGriff #20 11/24/62 Stereo
play 22. U.S. CD DebutFIESTA Dave “Baby” Cortez #96 11/24/62 Mono
play 23. THE LONELY BULL (El Solo Torro) The Tijuana Brass #6 12/8/62 Mono
play 24. CD DebutZERO-ZERO Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra #98 12/8/62 Mono
play 25. Mono CD DebutLET ME ENTERTAIN YOU Ray Anthony #96 12/15/62 Mono
play 26. LIMELIGHT Mr. Acker Bilk #92 12/15/62 Stereo
play 27. LET’S GO (Pony) (album version) The Routers #19 12/22/62 Stereo
play 28. DES Stereo DebutTELSTAR The Tornadoes #1 12/22/62 DES Stereo
play 29. Single version CD DebutNIGHT TRAIN James Brown & The Famous Flames #35 5/26/62 Stereo
play 30. DCS Stereo DebutNUT ROCKER B. Bumble & The Stingers #23 4/7/62 DCS Stereo

Chart positions taken from Joel Whitburn’s Record Research series of Billboard chart books.

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