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Amazing Stereo Doo Wop: 30 Original Hits
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Amazing Stereo Doo Wop:
30 Original Hits
            Complete 60s Records


Complete 60s CD #13604         $15.98          Add to cart

No matter how much you love these iconic doo wop songs in their original mono, you really deserve the pleasure of hearing them the way they sounded in the studio when they were recorded: with BOTH ears! If only today’s recording technology had existed then!

Now, thanks to significant recent advances in frequency separation software, our dedicated engineers are able to give you this state-of-the-art STEREO experience you never thought possible.

Freed from their narrow one-track existence, these tracks sound so fresh that the whole doo wop genre is practically reinvented!

Re-experience classics like “Earth Angel,” “In The Still of the Nite,” “Little Star,” “Angel Baby” and “Come Go With Me” in unmatched stereo clarity, EQ’d with the full, rich presence they’ve been missing all these years. Skeptical? Just check out the sound samples below (on a decent speaker system).

We’ve found the very best sound sources and meticulously compared all these great records to their original vinyl singles to match the exact speed and edits heard on the radio, and then we added real multi-dimensional stereo! You won’t find these EXCLUSIVE gems on-line!

An essential CD for every doo wop lover. Includes a 12-page booklet with photos and liner notes by Greg Adams.


Listen Track Title Artist Chart Date
play 1 STEREO DEBUT*EARTH ANGEL The Penguins #8 12/54
play 2 STEREO DEBUT*IN THE STILL OF THE NITE The Five Satins #24 9/56
play 3 STEREO DEBUT*EDDIE MY LOVE The Teen Queens #14 3/56
play 4 STEREO DEBUT*LITTLE STAR The Elegants #1 7/58
play 5 STEREO DEBUT*LITTLE DARLIN’ The Diamonds #2 3/57
play 6 STEREO DEBUT*WHISPERING BELLS The Dell-Vikings #9 7/57
play 7 STEREO DEBUT*COME GO WITH ME The Dell-Vikings #4 2/57
play 8 NEW STEREO MIX!I WONDER WHY Dion & The Belmonts #22 5/58
play 9 STEREO 45 MIX DEBUTBLUE MOON The Marcels #1 3/61
play 10 STEREO DEBUT*BOOK OF LOVE The Monotones #5 3/58
play 11 STEREO 45 VERSION DEBUTLOVE POTION NO. 9 The Clovers #23 9/59
play 12 STEREO DEBUT*IMAGE OF A GIRL The Safaris #6 6/60
play 13 STEREO DEBUT*OVER THE RAINBOW The Demensions #16 7/60
play 14 I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU The Flamingos #11 6/59
play 15 STEREO DEBUT*DADDY’S HOME Shep & The Limelites #2 3/61
play 16 NEW STEREO 45 MIXMY TRUE STORY The Jive Five #3 7/61
play 17 STEREO DEBUT*MAYBE The Chantels #15 1/58
play 18 STEREO DEBUT*DEDICATED TO THE ONE I LOVE The Shirelles #3 7/59
play 19 STEREO DEBUT*PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER Cathy Jean & Roommates #12 2/61
play 20 STEREO DEBUT*ANGEL BABY Rosie & The Originals #5 12/60
play 21 STEREO 45 MIX DEBUTDUKE OF EARL Gene Chandler #1 1/62
play 22 STEREO DEBUT*TONITE, TONITE The Mello-Kings #77 8/57
play 23 NEW STEREO MIX!SMOKY PLACES The Corsairs #12 12/61
play 24 HUSHABYE The Mystics #20 5/59
play 25 STEP BY STEP The Crests #14 2/60
play 26 STEREO DEBUT*BELIEVE ME The Royal Teens #26 10/59
play 27 STEREO DEBUT*DENISE Randy & The Rainbows #10 12/62
play 28 NEW STEREO 45 MIXYOU BELONG TO ME The Duprees #7 8/62
play 29 SINCE I DON’T HAVE YOU* The Skyliners #12 2/59
play 30 STEREO DEBUT*THIS I SWEAR The Skyliners #26 6/59
*This track is presented in Digitally Extracted Stereo (DES), a technological advance that uses the original mono recording to produce an authentic stereo listening experience. Click here for more details

Chart positions taken from Joel Whitburn’s Record Research series of Billboard chart books.

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