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Amazing Early 60s Box
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Amazing Early ’60s Box         Complete 60s Records

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Were you among the lucky ones who came of age in the early ’60s? I was. It was a wildly exciting time. Everything seemed fresh and alive—especially all that great new music I heard on the radio and at the record shop. The music, like me, was looking forward, reaching for something. When a song spoke to me, I wanted to play it again and again, sometimes hundreds of times.

Rock and roll was young and innocent like me, but it was going through its adolescence, too. In a year or two the Beatles, Rolling Stones and other British Invaders would change the whole ball game. Yes, the early ’60s was my favorite period in pop music.

As America transitioned from the Eisenhower era to the days of Camelot, artists like Gene Pitney, Brian Hyland, Brenda Lee and Jay & The Americans were just starting out. Chart mainstays like Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Bobby Darin and Paul Anka were riding high, and newcomers like Tony Orlando and Glen Campbell launched chart careers that would stretch well beyond the ’60s.

Sue Thompson, Anita Bryant, Bobby Rydell and Johnny Tillotson were in their hit-making prime, while stars like Pat Boone and Steve Lawrence made swan-song chart appearances. It was a wonderfully diverse time, with rock, pop, R&B, country and folk hits (not to mention those zany novelties) all on the charts together. Now, we present a new set that takes you on a nearly four-hour ride that can only be called “AMAZING!”

Why “amazing,” you ask? Well, first, this 3-CD import makes every track count. We’re record collectors, and we created this box for other collectors. 80 of these 88 songs were Top 40 hits, but most aren’t the obvious, overplayed choices you’ll find elsewhere.

And because collectors appreciate top sound quality, we assigned two of the best sound engineers anywhere to the project. They worked for months, paying close attention to all the details that matter: the best possible sources and EQ, correct fades and speed. Every song was compared to the original vinyl single to give you ONLY the original 45-rpm hit single versions in every case. Why take chances with mediocre mp3 downloads of dubious originality?

Best of all, there are 25 CD debuts here, including SIGNIFICANT NEW STEREO on nearly a dozen great songs like “Town Without Pity,” “Venus In Blue Jeans,” “Let The Little Girl Dance” and “Sealed With A Kiss,” to mention just a few. We even included a few important mono debuts. Just try not to drool when reviewing all these in the song list below! Oh, I almost forgot the 10,000-word essay by Greg Adams with fascinating biographical details about all 72 artists heard here.

In short, no expense has been spared, no detail overlooked, to bring you, the collector, the most AMAZING sound experience possible as you revisit this seminal period in pop music. Simply a MUST for your collection!


– DISC ONE (1960) –
Listen Track Title Artist Chart Date Stereo
play 1. Rare StereoWONDERFUL WORLD Sam Cooke #12 5/9/60 Stereo
play 2. Stereo DebutLET THE LITTLE GIRL DANCE Billy Bland #7 2/15/60 DES Stereo
play 3. GEORGIA ON MY MIND Ray Charles #1 9/26/60 Stereo
play 4. Rare English Original VersionO DIO MIO Annette #10 2/22/60 Mono
play 5. VOLARE Bobby Rydell #4 7/18/60 Mono
play 6. Stereo DebutLET’S HAVE A PARTY Wanda Jackson #37 8/29/60 DCS Stereo
play 7. HANDY MAN Jimmy Jones #2 1/11/60 Mono
play 8. Single version Stereo DebutGOOD TIMIN’ Jimmy Jones #3 4/18/60 Stereo
play 9. PUPPY LOVE Paul Anka #2 2/22/60 Stereo
play 10. PAPER ROSES Anita Bryant #5 4/11/60 Stereo
play 11. RareDUTCHMAN’S GOLD Walter Brennan #30 4/25/60 Mono
play 12. CD DebutMAMA SANG A SONG Walter Brennan #38 10/20/62 Stereo
play 13. CD DebutCRAZY ARMS Bob Beckham #36 1/4/60 Stereo
play 14. HE’LL HAVE TO STAY Jeanne Black #4 5/2/60 Stereo
play 15. Stereo DebutHAPPY-GO-LUCKY-ME Paul Evans #10 5/2/60 Stereo
play 16. FINGER POPPIN’ TIME Hank Ballard & The Midnighters #7 5/2/60 Stereo
play 17. LET’S GO, LET’S GO, LET’S GO Hank Ballard & The Midnighters #6 9/19/60 Stereo
play 18. A ROCKIN’ GOOD WAY (To Mess Around And Fall In Love) Dinah Washington & Brook Benton #7 5/23/60 Stereo
play 19. CD DebutALLEY-OOP Dante & The Evergreens #15 5/30/60 Mono
play 20. MULE SKINNER BLUES Fendermen #5 5/23/60 Mono
play 21. Stereo DebutHOT ROD LINCOLN Johnny Bond #26 8/8/60 Stereo
play 22. LOVE YOU SO Ron Holden with The Thunderbirds #7 4/4/60 Mono
play 23. IMAGE OF A GIRL Safaris #6 6/6/60 Mono
play 24. IN MY LITTLE CORNER OF THE WORLD Anita Bryant #10 7/11/60 Stereo
play 25. CD DebutWONDERLAND BY NIGHT Anita Bryant #18 12/5/60 Stereo
play 26. MARINA Rocco Granata & The International Quintet #31 11/23/59 Mono
play 27. PINEAPPLE PRINCESS Annette with The Afterbeats #11 8/15/60 Stereo
play 28. CORINNA, CORINNA Ray Peterson #9 11/21/60 Mono
play 29. BABY SITTIN’ BOOGIE Buzz Clifford #6 1/9/61 Mono
– DISC TWO (1961) –
Listen Track Title Artist Chart Date Stereo
play 1. Stereo DebutTOWN WITHOUT PITY Gene Pitney #13 10/30/61 Stereo
play 2. SAD MOVIES (Make Me Cry) Sue Thompson #5 9/4/61 Stereo
play 3. RarePORTRAIT OF MY LOVE Steve Lawrence #9 3/6/61 Stereo
play 4. Rare StereoYOU ALWAYS HURT THE ONE YOU LOVE Clarence Henry #12 5/15/61 Stereo
play 5. Stereo Debut
U.S. Version
Charlie Drake #21 1/13/62 Stereo
play 6. Stereo DebutTHE STORY OF MY LOVE Paul Anka #16 1/16/61 Stereo
play 7. AT LAST Etta James #47 1/16/61 Stereo
play 8. I JUST WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO YOU Etta James 1961 Stereo
play 9. Mono Hit Single
Version Debut
Ray Charles #9 11/27/61 Mono
play 10. YOU CAN HAVE HER Roy Hamilton #12 1/30/61 Stereo
play 11. STAND BY ME Ben E. King #4 5/8/61 Stereo
play 12. Original Stereo
Single Version
Tony Orlando #39 5/1/61 Stereo
play 13. Rare Mono Hit Single VersionBLESS YOU Tony Orlando #15 8/14/61 Mono
play 14. LET’S TWIST AGAIN Chubby Checker #8 7/3/61 Mono
play 15. BRISTOL STOMP Dovells #2 9/11/61 Mono
play 16. LET ME IN Sensations #4 1/6/62 Mono
play 17. THE MOUNTAIN’S HIGH Dick & Dee Dee #2 7/31/61 Mono
play 18. TOWER OF STRENGTH Gene McDaniels #5 10/2/61 Stereo
play 19. Mono Hit Single
Version Debut
Adam Wade #10 7/24/61 Mono
play 20. Original Single VersionTOGETHER Connie Francis #6 6/26/61 Stereo
play 21. I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND Ann-Margret #17 7/24/61 Stereo
play 22. DANCE ON LITTLE GIRL Paul Anka #10 5/29/61 Stereo
play 23. CD DebutTRADE WINDS, TRADE WINDS Aki Aleong #101 11/13/61 Mono
play 24. MICHAEL Highwaymen #1 7/10/61 Stereo
play 25. RareTURN AROUND, LOOK AT ME Glen Campbell #62 10/30/61 Mono
play 26. FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY Jimmy Elledge #22 11/13/61 Stereo
play 27. I’M GONNA KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR Eddie Hodges #12 6/19/61 Mono
play 28. SPEEDY GONZALES Pat Boone #6 6/16/62 Stereo
play 29. Rare Stereo
Single Version
Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group #5 8/7/61 Stereo
– DISC THREE (1962) –
Listen Track Title Artist Chart Date Stereo
play 1. RareGO AWAY LITTLE GIRL Steve Lawrence #1 11/10/62 Stereo
play 2. RareBLAME IT ON THE BOSSA NOVA Eydie Gorme #7 12/29/62 Stereo
play 3. Stereo DebutA WONDERFUL DREAM Majors #22 8/11/62 DES Stereo
play 4. Rare Original
Single Version
Ray Charles #1 5/5/62 Stereo
play 5. Stereo DebutVENUS IN BLUE JEANS Jimmy Clanton #7 8/18/62 Stereo
play 6. Stereo DebutSEALED WITH A KISS Brian Hyland #3 6/9/62 Stereo
play 7. GINNY COME LATELY Brian Hyland #21 3/10/62 Stereo
play 8. SHE CRIED Jay & The Americans #5 3/17/62 Stereo
play 9. RHYTHM OF THE RAIN Cascades #3 12/29/62 Mono
play 10. U.S. CD DebutWEST OF THE WALL Toni Fisher #37 5/26/62 Mono
play 11. SHOUT! SHOUT! (Knock Yourself Out) Ernie Maresca #6 3/31/62 Stereo
play 12. LET’S DANCE Chris Montez #4 8/4/62 Stereo
play 13. Stereo DebutDO YOU LOVE ME Contours #3 8/25/62 Stereo
play 14. BRING IT ON HOME TO ME Sam Cooke #13 7/7/62 Stereo
play 15. RareOH MY ANGEL Bertha Tillman #61 5/5/62 Mono
play 16. REMEMBER THEN Earls #24 12/15/62 Stereo
play 17. IT KEEPS RIGHT ON A-HURTIN’ Johnny Tillotson #3 5/12/62 Stereo
play 18. RareIT STARTED ALL OVER AGAIN Brenda Lee #29 6/30/62 Mono
play 19. Single Version
Stereo Debut
Jerry Wallace #24 11/17/62 Stereo
play 20. THINGS Bobby Darin #3 7/7/62 Stereo
play 21. CD DebutLOVE ME TENDER Richard Chamberlain #21 10/6/62 Stereo
play 22. ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM Richard Chamberlain #14 12/29/62 Stereo
play 23. Stereo DebutZIP-A-DEE DOO-DAH Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans #8 11/17/62 Stereo
play 24. Stereo DebutHE’S SURE THE BOY I LOVE Crystals #11 12/29/62 Stereo
play 25. WHAT’S A MATTER BABY (Is It Hurting You) Timi Yuro #12 7/14/62 Stereo
play 26. Rare StereoANNA (Go To Him) Arthur Alexander #68 10/27/62 Stereo
play 27. CD DebutCINDERELLA Jack Ross #16 3/17/62 Mono
play 28. U.S. CD DebutWHO STOLE THE KEESHKA? Matys Brothers #55 12/29/62 Mono
play 29. MONSTER MASH Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers #1 9/8/62 Stereo
play 30. THE BALLAD OF THUNDER ROAD Robert Mitchum #65 2/24/62 Mono

Chart positions taken from Joel Whitburn’s Record Research series of Billboard chart books.

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